Help Us Build A Women's Shelter

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 Your donation of any amount will help us to bring a temporary residential shelter that will provide women and their children with:

  • A roof over their heads providing safe temporary emergency placement
  • Violence free and drug free environment
  • Hot meals
  • Clean and comfortable dwelling place
  • Assistance connecting to community resources and formal supports

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Did You Know?

We Need A Residential Shelter For Women and Children


 Most people are not aware of the lack of residential shelters in St. Lucie County.


 There are only a few shelters sprinkled throughout the community, however they are usually overnight placements for the homeless during severe weather, limited space and restrictions, or not ideal for women with children. 

The newest edition to temporary placement in Saint Lucie County is a jail diversion program shelter for men and homeless male veterans.  

1 Domestic Violence Shelter Serving 3 Counties


There is only one Domestic Violence Shelter Serving our tri-county area and it is located in Martin County .


There is one 60 bed certified  domestic  violence shelter providing services for women and women with children that are victims of domestic violence from Indian River County, St. Lucie County and Martin County.  

Gap In Services


There is a transitional home located in Indian River County for eligible female victims of domestic violence without children leaving the domestic violence shelter  in  Martin County.


   There are limited alternate extended  placements for women with children leaving a domestic violence shelter in  Saint Lucie County. This leaves a crucial gap in services to victims and their children in our community.

Cycle of Victimization


 Victims without  placement upon leaving shelter have an increased risk of returning back to their abuser .


 If a victim of domestic violence is able to escape an abusive situation and obtain alternate placement in the domestic violence shelter this can and will save lives. However at the end of a 30 day stay in shelter  the victim still does not have a place to go there is an increased risk of  them returning back to their abusers. 

Increased Risk of Homelessness


We are seeking a property for the shelter here in St. Lucie County. Not only will the shelter benefit female victims of domestic abuse, it will also benefit women who have been impacted by various other hardships and are unable to find emergency housing for themselves and their children, which lead to an increase risk of homelessness. 

Take The Leap



We Leap is raising awareness around the need for a shelter in this county.  We are currently in Phase 1 of the Women Shelter  Building Fund Campaign. The shelter will provide a temporary placement for women and their children up to 90 days to assist women with preparing to transition into alternate  placement. We are currently  seeking a property for the shelter here in St. Lucie County and are raising funds towards securing the property once it is located.  No donation is to big or too small! Thank You for helping us to help others.